Bursary Boards Portfolio

A special body of works also close to my heart is of my Grandmother when she was 92.
Esma lived with my family for 3 years when I was at secondary school, and for my bursary portfolio she was my subject matter for the year. Each board has a theme from the start of life with old photographs transposed onto her face to the empty bed symbolising the end of life.

In 1997 for my Bursary Portfolio I decided to take photos of my 92 year old grandmother Esma who had lived with us for 3 years. I had taken photographs of her for various portraits and photography assignments before so I knew my subject extremely well already which gave me a head start.
I had a very close bond with her and helped my mum and dad out at the time looking after her.
My boards needed a starting point and finishing point telling a story to the viewer.
I re photographed old photos of her when she was young and overlapped them as negatives with her face at the time.
I started out with the young Esma and still life momentos to her dressed up with closeup portraits of her face using strong lighting to capture the mood in each photograph. I also used the structure and form of the old antique chair with her walking stick lent up against it and shawl to the form and structure of the walker.
During that year Esma had to go into the hospital I took photos of her in a vulnerable place against the structure of the bed and trapeze bar. The finishing point was young transposed against old and the empty bed and nightgown symbolising the end of life.
Esma passed away half way through that year at our home peacefully.
It is a very sentimental piece of work that I will cherish for ever.