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Hokianga - Nui-A-Kupe - The Place of Kupes Great Return

The Hokianga deep and narrow framed by Mountains and fed by tidal rivers reaching inland a brooding grandeur of air not shared with any other North Island harbour. The home of the Kauri and place of countless legends. Hokianga is the place of Ngapuhi the tribe whose aggressive expansion and appetite for vengeance made it master of the land from Hokianga to the Waitemata. Known also as Te Kohanga o Te Tai Tokerau (The nest of the Northern Tribes) it is the central point from which most Northland Maori trace their ancestry.

This is the Place where my soul rests in peace and harmony. A sacred place and untouched unspoilt piece of NZ. Some of my favourite photographic work is in and around the Hokianga. As a child I spent Holidays in the Hokianga at my Uncles place in Pakanae. It was great to have firsthand knowledge of the people places and stories of the area. In my early twenties I spent a period of time in the Hokianga capturing the people usually by chance encounter. The Historical towns, Churches, Landscapes, memorable sites and a wearable arts festival event.

"Hokianga" This is one of the Maori names for both the huge harbour and the land surrounding it and which can freely be translated as the returning place .........

Pasifika Festival

Mad Ave Community Planting Day

Since 2013 Mad Ave has been working collaboratively with community residents, schools, young people, businesses, Council and Government leaders to create action around the Glen Innes waterway the Omaru River.

The Omaru Restoration Action work is all about:
  • Restoring Mana and Beauty to the Omaru River
  • Expressing our aroha for each other and our planet
  • Creating inspiring ways of communicating our interests and needs
  • Uplifting our ancestral voice and providing pathways for our children
  • Building our Mauri Ora economy